Divya Chandegra

Life & wellness guide, writer & conscious creator.

Certified Life Coach, Yoga & Reiki pracitioner.

Explore your inner child conditioning to release your blocks, patterns and cycles to find your way to conscious living.

Unblocking your Self
WARNING: Before you keep repeating unwanted patterns and negative cycles in your career, relationships or with your children, watch this FREE masterclass to start responding instead of reacting...

3 Memorable Systems Everyone Must Know When You Find Your Self Blocked In Unhealthy Repetitive Cycles

Get instant access to my FREE masterclass giving you 3 systems to learn how to understand your needs and start kicking down those blockages in your life.

Learn to start...

- recognising who you are today

- understanding what you're like & your needs

- developing a relationship with your Self

- creating a better life for your Self by taking your power back from your past

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