Divya Chandegra

Life & wellness guide, writer & conscious creator.

Certified Life Coach, Yoga & Reiki pracitioner.

Explore your inner child conditioning to release your blocks, patterns and cycles to find your way to conscious living.

What you'll get:

Instant access to my 3-step system,
plus 11 top tips and 9 real life scenarios to get you
setting healthy boundaries like a pro.

What happens when you set healthy boundaries?

- build self-confidence
- prioritise your Self
- meet your own needs & stand up for your Self
- prevent burn out by protecting your energy
- begin to understand who you are, your values and principles
- reduce resentment, regret and frustration
- protect and parent your inner child
- reduce anxiety by being true to your Self
- focus your mental, emotional, physical capacity on bringing you joy
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